Social responsibility

Humanity is a core value of Deutsche Vermögensberatung. "People need people" – this guiding principle of company founder Prof. Dr. Reinfried Pohl is more relevant today than ever. That's why we always see our success as a corporate responsibility towards those in our society who need help.

For many years, we have been active with several projects and initiatives and support numerous social, cultural and scientific institutions, especially in Marburg, the headquarters of Deutsche Vermögensberatung Holding, and in Frankfurt, the headquarters of the company. As a founding member, Deutsche Vermögensberatung is also a sponsor of the "House of Finance" foundation of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. The long-standing cooperation aims to promote talented young people and their academic work in the Financial Centre Frankfurt.

The social commitment of the Pohl family includes the foundations named after company founders – the Dr. Reinfried Pohl Foundation and the Anneliese Pohl Foundation. These foundations, which are financed by the private funds of the Pohl family, are committed to Marburg as a location and to a wide range of goals.

Dr. Reinfried Pohl Foundation

Since 1997, the Dr. Reinfried Pohl Foundation has been supporting science and research at the Philipps-Universität Marburg. The focus of the foundation's activities is on the fields of  medicine and  law.

According to its mission statement, the foundation wants to enable people to have a better future and stimulate the further development of society through science and research. In this way, the foundation has contributed to the implementation of a large number of projects in recent years.

The Research Centres for Financial Services Law and Legal Informatics have been supported by the Dr. Reinfried Pohl Foundation since their foundation. These institutions embody qualified research, teaching and further education. This opens up new interesting job market opportunities for students. In the modern "Dr. Reinfried Pohl Center for Medical Education", future physicians are optimally prepared for professional challenges. Here, students and scientists can gain valuable practical experience.

Anneliese Pohl Foundation

The Anneliese Pohl Foundation has been promoting medical cancer research since 2009 and supporting people suffering from cancer and their families. For this purpose, the Anneliese Pohl Psychosocial Counseling Center was founded in Marburg, where psychologists and other specialists provide comprehensive advice to cancer patients and their relatives.

Another project of the foundation is, for example, the "Anneliese Pohl Habilitation Program", which helps young habilitation candidates at the Faculty of Medicine at the Philipps University of Marburg to master career and family at the same time.

Thanks to the generous support of the two foundations, the "Anneliese Pohl Comprehensive Cancer Center" was established at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, which has now established itself as the largest certified oncology center in Hesse.