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Non-profit association

Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V.

Through the establishment of the non-profit association, "People Need People" ("Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V."), which is is significantly supported by Deutsche Vermögensberatung, we are sustainably expanding our social engagement. As part of its mission, the renowned association strives to sustainably enhance the foundations and conditions of community life.

The third generation of the Pohl family, Annabell and Nathalie Pohl, is highly committed as central founding members of "Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V.".

The high demands on the social commitment of our company is actively and dedicatedly carried into the association by Annabell and Nathalie Pohl. 

National and regional targeted fundings

The non-profit association, "Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V.", works with several cooperation partners, non-profit organisations, and experts. As a social institution, it plays a meaningful role in setting the course for a better future, wherever necessary. A particular focus is placed on key social issues, especially on supporting people in need.


Meeting the needs with numerous projects

Tafel Deutschland e.V.

Tafel Deutschland has been supported by the non-profit organization since 2020. A collaborative initiative called "Tafel-Bildungschancen", emerged as a result of the partnership.

"Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V." and Tafel Deutschland are joining forces to improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people.

Our financial advisors also express their support through numerous local donation and aid campaigns.

Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e.V.

As a partner of "Stiftung-RTL – Wir helfen Kinder e.V.", we have been involved in projects in the area of education and development since 2020, working together to support children.

In 2023, we were a partner of the "RTL-Spendenmarathon" for a fourth consecutive year. The sum of the collected donations towards "Stiftung RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e. V. " greatly benefits aid projects for children in need.

As an example, damaged facilities for children were reconstructed in regards to Germany’s flood desaster in the Ahr Valley. This was accomplished through an immediate response from the association, supplying emergency aid alongside DVAG. The rapid assistance of numerous financial advisors also greatly helped within the reconstruction.

Support for Ukraine

Alonsgide the relief organisation, "Wings of Help / Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen e.V.", humanitarian aid transports are oganised with vital needed goods.

Thanks to the emergency aid provided by DVAG, the Pohl family and numerous donations, 150 tons of humanitarian goods were distributed among the warzones.

Additionally, as a national sponsor of the initiative "Athletes for Ukraine e.V.",  "Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V." supports aid projects and campaigns for refugee children and their families.

Their aim is to encourage integration through a passion for sports, which financial advisors also help contribute towards in their local area.

Further information can be found on the organisation’s website. Including an overview on all the projects.