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Reliable insurance protection for you and your family

Everything that is important to you in the future and now.

Things happen. We cannot always avoid risks. With our aid, we can make sure you will have the insurance policies that you need so that you and your family can feel safe and protected. 

Our financial coaches can offer you insurance solutions that combine individually recommendable areas of protection and offer you flexibility and reliability for all future eventualities. 

Comprehensive all-round protection and insurances for the most important areas of you life

  • In case of mishaps or accidents: a liability insurance is mandatory
  • For your and your family's health: ensuring you'll receive better care
  • In the event of an accident: getting well without worries
  • For your own home: protection for your home and immovables
  • For any legal troubles: A good legal protection offers help in disputes
  • When travelling: be optimally protected on the road and abroad
  • Just in case: protection for your family in case something happens to you
  • ... and much more, individually tailored to you

Your most important asset: your health

Live healthy and stay healthy – your health is your most valuable possession. We ensure that you receive the best possible care – in the event of illness, travel, old age or inability to work.

Protect the value of your ability to work: One in four people will be unable to work at least once in their working life and until retirement age. With an occupational disability insurance, you can secure your income to cover your ongoing costs of living expenses. 

For the future of your children

Are you a parent? Of course, you only wish the best for your children. With comprehensive preventive protection and an adequate precautionary insurance policy, you can financially protect your children from an early stage on.

We will also show you how to create a financial base layer set up for your children to offer them an easy start into their own lives as young adults – for example to finance a driving licence, university or your child's first own apartment.

Financial coaching: We have the answers to your questions

Giving you competent advice is at our utmost goals. Where do you stand? What is significant to you? What have been or will be the changes in your life, and what will their short-, medium-, and long-term consequences mean for you and your family?

Let's sit down and talk!

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In an increasingly complex world, it makes sense to seek expert advice and help in financial matters. As financial coaches, our advisors help to make the right decisions.