Our mission statement

Shaping the future

No other financial service provider embodies the holistic financial advisory concept like Deutsche Vermögensberatung. And we have excellent reason for this: It was company founder Prof. Dr. Reinfried Pohl who invented this comprehensive approach to financial consulting over 47 years ago.

Our vision

Financial advisory is what we stand for (“Vermögensberatung. Das sind wir!”)

Our goal is that „financial advisory“ will be intrinsically linked with Deutsche Vermögensberatung in Germany. The reputation of the financial advisors should be synonymous with the reputation of a family doctor.

Our mission

Financial advisory for everyone (“Vermögensaufbau für jeden”)

Deutsche Vermögensberatung helps people from all walks of life to make the right decisions on financial matters. Each customer gets the advice that is best for them, along with a range of services tailored just to them.

Our values

We are performance-oriented.

With comprehensive and cross-industry advice, we help our clients to achieve top results in asset protection and growth in the medium to long term. We systematically take into account all customer needs and develop individually tailored concepts on this basis.

We are human.

We act out of responsibility for our customers. Likewise, we continually support each client in achieving their individual financial goals, regardless of the amount of their assets.

We are strong.

Our independent financial advisory approach is our main success factor. Our strength is demonstrated by our eight million customers, top-rated products from reliable partners, and our numerous awards for consulting and service quality.

That's us

Deutsche Vermögensberatung at a glance


Deutsche Vermögensberatung is run by Andreas Pohl, the son of the founder Dr. Reinfried Pohl and his wife Anneliese. The business is run as a family business in the second generation. Our body of experts is composed of highly respected professionals and experienced executives.

Our story

Deutsche Vermögensberatungs success story began in a small office in Frankfurt am Main in 1975. With the support of his wife, Professor Dr. Reinfried Pohl established a family business in that area, which today represents a holistic consulting approach unlike any other.

Our brand ambassadors

We are proud of our strong long-term partners, and we are grateful for their continued support. Their message: Performance pays off, in sports as well as at work. That's why we consider the best in their field to be our friends and partners.



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Deutsche Vermögensberatung can look back over a very successful 2022, a year which once again saw the firm achieve record results in many areas. You can find interesting facts and figures about our business development in our online business report.

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