The future needs a beginning

The history of Deutsche Vermögensberatung

The history of Deutsche Vermögensberatung is multifaceted. For over four decades, we have been establishing standards in training and consulting quality as well as sales orientation and innovative strength. Our priority is always on our advisors and our clients. This leads to successes that become milestones.


Deutsche Vermögensberatung

In 1975, Deutsche Vermögensberatung's success story began in a small office in Frankfurt am Main, where Prof. Dr. Reinfried Pohl founded the company together with his wife Anneliese.

Since then, DVAG has established and strengthened its market leadership among financial consultancies in Germany.

Today, like no other, we stand for a holistic consulting approach that focuses entirely on the financial wishes and goals of our customers. Meanwhile, the company is being managed in the second generation by Andreas and Reinfried Pohl with a view to the future.



Allfinanz Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG

In 2008, after more than 30 years of successful partnership, AachenMünchener transferred the entrepreneurial management of its sales department to Deutsche Vermögensberatung. It thus became the sole distribution channel of the AachenMünchener company.

This resulted in the new company Allfinanz Deutsche Vermögensberatung, which has been growing steadily since its foundation. Almost all former sales employees found their new professional home with us. In fact, more than 1,200 new investment advisors joined the Deutsche Vermögensberatung Group as a result.

Our youngest member of the group

Allfinanz Aktiengesellschaft DVAG

After 40 years of trusting cooperation, the Generali Group announced in 2018 that it was handing over its exclusive distribution to Deutsche Vermögensberatung. With this step, Generali Deutschland ultimately transferred its distribution channels to DVAG.

As a result of this further intensification of the cooperation, more than 2,500 former intermediaries of the EVG (Exklusiv Vertrieb Generali) became new full-time investment advisors with us. They were integrated into the newly founded company Allfinanz Aktiengesellschaft DVAG.

I am looking to make important strategic decisions so that our advisors and Deutsche Vermögensberatung can be successful in the long term.
Andreas Pohl – Chairman

Company chronicle

The milestones of Deutsche Vermögensberatung