Social responsibility

We stand up for targeted and sustainable help

Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V.

Getting involved and helping people in Germany is part of our DNA and the goal of "Menschen brauchen Menschen e.V." ("People Need People"). The well-known non-profit association has assigned itself the task of sustainably strengthening and promoting the foundations and conditions of life in society.

National sponsor of Deutsche Sporthilfe

Supporting and promoting athletes from junior and elite sports and increasing their chances of success: We see this as part of our social responsibility. Together with Generali, we actively support German athletes as a national sponsor of Deutsche Sporthilfe foundation.

The Pohl family foundations

Humanity is a core value of Deutsche Vermögensberatung. The guiding principle of company founder Prof. Dr. Reinfried Pohl is, 'People do need people.' Today, this is more important than ever. That's why we always see our success as a corporate responsibility for those in society who need help most.