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National sponsor of Deutsche Sporthilfe

Deutsche Vermögensberatung and Generali have been committed to supporting and promoting sports talents for years. We see this commitment as part of our social responsibility. Through the partnership with Deutsche Sporthilfe, German's largest foundation to support young athletes, we are taking this commitment to a new level.

Ruderer Hannes Ocik

Success in sports is a high priority for Germans. However, top performances do not happen by chance. It takes hard work, great endurance, and, finally, financial support and dedication from society to do it.

As part of our social responsibility, Deutsche Vermögensberatung and Generali promote and support athletes and thus create the best conditions for their future success in sports. 

Many German athletes rely on financial support. Deutsche Sporthilfe supports them so they can fully focus on their top performances. I was also supported, therefore, I am very pleased about the partnership between Deutsche Vermögensberatung and Generali with Deutsche Sporthilfe.
Britta Heidemann – Fencer and brand ambassador of DVAG

Together with Generali, as »National Sponsor of Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation« , we are joining a funding concept that fits perfectly with our corporate values. This concept is clearly geared towards fair play, cooperation, and performance. The belief in a greater goal and the will to give is the driving force that unites both of us. We firmly believe that committed performances must be rewarded accordingly. This is how we make success possible for everyone!

An important component within the framework of the funding concept of the Deutsche Sporthilfe. Athletes should be protected both now and in the future in order for them to focus fully on their sport. This is the only way to make top performances possible.

Together with Generali, we support this concept with the deepest conviction. We want to jointly think and act now to achieve a better future for us all.

I am delighted that Deutsche Vermögensberatung and Generali are ›National Sponsors of Deutsche Sporthilfe‹. Deutsche Sporthilfe has supported me at times in my career and continues to support many top German athletes.
Fabian Hambüchen – gymnast and brand ambassador of DVAG

Insurance, retirement provisions and financial planning are our core competences. That is why we provide top athletes with comprehensive insurance benefits tailored to their everyday sporting lives, as well as attractive pension and insurance packages.

We thus provide them with a versatile overall package with real added value.

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